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The principle and application of vertical curing oven


Vertical curing oven is the common curing and baking equipment in the SMT industry. The principle is to place the PCB products on which the front-end process has been mounted on the surface in a relatively stable high temperature environment to dry, and cure the surface components and the PCB board. Vertical curing oven greatly reduce the workplace.


JT vertical curing oven made a great improvement based on the traditional ones. It has very good thermal efficiency, and is fully capable of baking and curing products of various specifications, ensuring almost perfect welding quality.


JT vertical curing oven has three significant characteristic in the field.


First, Vertical curing oven connect  with the production line directly which can autoloader, unloader, save the labor and space.


Secondly, a Vertical curing oven can improve product quality by reducing the temperature change that occurs when the oven opens and closes the door, which affects process control.


Thirdly, vertical curing oven can greatly solve the area cost of factory, especially for free-dust factory.


JT vertical curing oven use the microcomputer control, friendly interface with PID intelligent adjustment function to ensure the accurate temperature. JT Vertical curing oven has high temperature alarm function and multi-segment temperature control, can meet the different temperature products curing.


JT Vertical curing oven is a full automatic online heating and curing equipment that use after dispensing and coating glue. It is fully automatic, less labor, small space, high curing quality, and more environmentally friendly and energy-saving. , widely used in 3C, home appliances, medical, semiconductor, aerospace and military industries.


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