Solder Paste Inspection SPI SPI 1200

● For LED Industry Backlight, Long PCB etc solder paste inspection
● One-Step inspection, ensure inspection accuracy
● PCB Length max.1.2m

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Model REFINE-1200
Camera Specification 5M High-frequency Industrial Camera, High Frame Number (Factory Setting)
Pixel 20μm, 15μm (Factory Setting)
FOV (single field of view) Range 50×40 mm, 38×30 mm (Factory Setting)
Light Source 0 – 550 μm
Height Inspection Resolution 0.36 μm
Height Inspection Accuracy 1μm (Based on the actual solder paste/calibration block)
Inspection Item Volume,Area, Height, X/Y Position, Bridging, Shape, etc
Defective Type Excessive /Insufficient/Missing paste, Bridge, 2D & 3D Paste displacement, Shape deformity, Dust, etc
Inspection Speed 0.35Sec / FOV
Max PCB Size 1200×410 mm
Min PCB Size 50×50 mm
PCB Up-Clearance 30mm
PCB Bottom-Clearance 30mm
Communication Interface SMEMA
PCB Transfer Height 900±20 mm
Dimensions and Weight 1900x1410x1640mm (WxDxH), 1200KG
Power Supply AC 220V 1Φ  50 / 60Hz
Power 2.7KW
Air Supply 0.5Mpa
1、Barcode Reader 4、Repair Station (PC)
2、3D Calibration Target 5、Infared Muti-touch LCD + Voice Control
3、2D Calibration Glass 6、Offline Editing Software (License Key)
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