The 2022 JT National Agent Conference ended successfully

On June 18, the two-day training of JT agents came to a successful conclusion. The purpose of this training is to deepen the agent friends’ understanding of JT’s new equipment, new technology, new industry park, and JT culture, and to convey the spirit of cooperation between the two parties over the years and the concept of cooperation in the future.

The 2022 JT National Agent Conference ended successfully


This well-prepared training exchange and learning meeting was organizated by Sophia Lee and Mr Hu Ping. It was kicked off by Hu Ping, the head of the agent management department. First of all, he extended a warm welcome to the agents. JT express thanks to the partners who supported the live broadcast online.

Next, JT lecturers gave speeches and answered questions after the class.

Xie Anqiang, the person in charge of the wave soldering project, explained the current industry-leading process technology and performance characteristics of reflow soldering, wave soldering, and other soldering equipment. Reliable transportation system, capable of carrying dual guide rail platforms, efficient FLUX recovery system, closed-loop spray and wave crest control model, powerful and multi-compatible software operation platform, can meet customer requirements for productivity, welding quality, production safety, energy-saving management, and Industry 4.0 Personalized needs of intelligent interconnection and other aspects.


Li Zhihua, head of the selective welding R&D team, shared with everyone the process application of JT selective welding, the latest technologies in the transportation system, spray system, preheating system, welding system, electrical control, vision module, and strong equipment customization capabilities, to solve the different welding needs of different customers.


Li Mingzheng, the head of the visual project department, showed you the actual cases of JT’s automatic Odd-form insertion machine used in communications, automotive electronics, home appliances, and other industries. Explain the current leading technology and technological breakthrough of the JT Odd-form insertion machine. With the industry-leading dual cantilever Odd-form insertion machine head design for high-speed operation, the same speed, the insertion efficiency is increased by 50%, which greatly improves the production capacity.


He Chengqun, head of visual customer service, focused on the characteristics and product advantages of JT visual inspection equipment. The core components of JT testing equipment are all well-known brands, with advanced manufacturing technology and quality inspection technology, which can meet the testing requirements of high precision, uniformity, and high stability. At the same time, the multi-spectral programmable light source is used to solve the difficulty of the visual process. The product software is independently developed, equipped with AI algorithm and automatic programming, and has the remarkable characteristics of fast programming, high detection, low false alarm, and easy learning.


Liu Guanghui, head of the R&D Department of Shenzhen Silikang Technology Co., Ltd., which was invested and held by JT Co., Ltd., introduced Silikang’s equipment involved in the semiconductor industry, focusing on semiconductor chip packaging furnaces, Wafer Bumping welding equipment, vacuum Reflow soldering equipment, its content includes the application field, important characteristics and key parameters of the equipment.


Sales elite Yao Yichun, as a senior salesman of JT, shared some successful customer case experiences and the market competitive advantages of JT in terms of company scale, R&D capability, product diversification, and innovation ability from his perspective.


To standardize business processes and improve efficiency, Liu Mengmei, deputy director of the Clerk Office, explained the system OA contract and configuration, CRM customer filing, quotation, and other contract and filing management regulations, as well as production orders, supplementary orders, delivery orders, and accepting orders. , Billing application and other form operations.


In the end, Deputy General Manager He Yuanwei and South China Business Director Jing Kun delivered a summary of the meeting, expressing their warm welcome to the arrival of agents across the country and their prospects for cooperation and development and a win-win future.


After the meeting, general manager Xu Deyong and other representatives of JT had dinner with the agent partners. Everyone communicated with each other. 

On June 18, Hu Ping, the head of the agent management department, led the agents to visit the company’s workshop and exhibition hall. Professional lecturers explained the equipment manufacturing process, the advantages of software and hardware, the application fields of new products, and used some prototypes to perform on-site functions. Demonstration, to achieve the combination of theory and practice, improve everyone’s comprehensive understanding of JT equipment.


Photo appreciation of the meeting site

The 2022 JT National Agent Conference ended successfully

So far, the 2022 JT agent training and study has come to a successful conclusion. The time to get together is always short and happy. Although this training and visit ended quickly, the short end is for a better meeting. This is not the end of learning, but a new starting point for learning. In the future, we will create more opportunities to interact with all agents and friends, enhance communication, and strengthen cooperation, to achieve strong alliances, complementary advantages, and win-win cooperation.


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