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JT reflow oven-the most reliable reflow soldering oven


Shenzhen JT Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a leading SMT machine and reflow soldering oven manufacturer in China since 1997. We are trusted for the best SMT systems total solutions, soldering machines, and reflow soldering ovens.


With advanced technology for all the major SMT products we manufacture, we provide end-to-end SMT process solutions to our customers.


The JT reflow oven comes to offer the optimal desired solutions in different industries. It is a lead free hot air reflow soldering oven with advanced features making it reliable and highly efficient.


Capabilities of the JT reflow oven


  • Designed by sophisticated and advanced research and development facility, the JT reflow oven comes with such capabilities such as:
  • Eco-friendly- 95% material of the JT reflow oven can be recycled.
  • Multi-layer thermal insulation design. The surface temperature of the oven body is reduced by 10 to 20 degrees, effectively lowering the temperature of the working environment.
  • Equipped with the dual-rails conveyor  means the reflow soldering oven has improved  production efficiency as well as saves power and cost;
  • Low power consumption: The reflow soldering oven employs low energy consumption and so it is cost-effective.
  • High efficiency-The JT reflow oven comes with no voids and has a low maintenance cost. It is equipped with a vacuum unit to solve the problem of the void, bubbles, etc. Voids area can reach < 1% by the vacuum pressure10-5mbar.


Types of the reflow soldering oven


To meet diversified industrial needs, JT automation designs and supplies some of the trusted reflow soldering oven brands in the market.


With a proven track record, JT designs and supplies efficient and cost-effective hot air reflow oven products. These include End Lead-Free Hot Air Reflow Oven, Free Hot Air Reflow Oven, and Free Hot Air Reflow Oven.


The JT reflow oven brings a reliable quality soldering experience to many industries. It is designed with the customer in mind and guarantees efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and improved soldering integrated solutions. To inquire about our products or get more information contact us today.


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