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How does the selective wave soldering machine develop?


The selective soldering system has experienced two steps to follow the development of the technology. The first is the through-hole selective soldering system technology to surface mount soldering technology; the second is the lead selective soldering system to lead-free selective soldering system that we are experiencing. The evolution of selective wave  soldering machine technology has directly brought about two results: one is that fewer and fewer through-hole components need to be soldered on the PCB; the other is the difficulty of soldering through-hole components (especially large heat capacity or fine-pitch components). Especially for lead-free and high-reliability products



Why we use selective wave soldering machine?


Although some components can be soldered through the THT process, some high-capacity and fine-pitch components are difficult to meet. Therefore, the selective soldering machine has to be used.


The tin penetration of wave soldering machine can only reach 75%, but the selective wave soldering machines with selective soldering system can reach 100% penetration rate.


JT is the earliest R&D and launched in the market of selective soldering machine in China.


JT selective soldering machine combine with flux spray module, preheating module, soldering module, integrated design, and free expansion. The flux pray use the Point-to-point spraying, which can save a lot of flux. The preheating use up hot air and bottom IR, It can quickly evaporate the moisture of the flux and bring the PCB board to a certain temperature, so that the PCB will not be subjected to shock heating when it is in contact with the liquid solder. The soldering module can be used single pot or dual pot according to customer requirement, The electromagnetic pump ensures extremely constant flow for precise and fine-tuned solder wave heights. With top technology and modular design of JT selective wave soldering machine, JT selective soldering machine meets the highest demands for flexibility and throughput


Now selective soldering machine widely used automotive, medical, military etc. industry, and JT selective wave soldering machine will be your best choice.

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