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The Best Quality Wave Soldering Machine


Enhancing the wave soldering process experiences with JT wave solder machine since 1997, JT Automation Equipment Co, Ltd has the best wave soldering machine that provides wave solder companies an opportunity to experience the most intricate of the wave soldering process.


Equipped with capabilities such as speed regulation mode, closed-loop servo speed regulation, forced air cooling and other advanced features, our wave soldering machine is renowned for its quality solution preheating, high efficiency, precision nozzle, cost-effective and automation uniformity.


Benefits of the wave soldering machine


Designed by a sophisticated research team under a fully-equipped high-end research and development facility, our best JT wave solder machine comes with capabilities such as:


  • It is built with a Forced air cooling system to attain the cold-down slope as per the lead-free required
  • It comes with a Spray nozzle driven by a stepping motor to make sure the coating uniformity.
  • Equipped with a Closed-loop with an inverter control system to keep the stability and accuracy of the conveyor speed


The JT wave solder machine is capable of nitrogen protection to improve wetting of wave infiltration and increases the rate of solder penetration, which makes the quality stable. Open your door to the world of electronic soldering with the high-quality wave soldering machine.


This JT wave solder machine is built to reduce solder defects by employing the tunnel-based nitrogen wave and improving production efficiency with less oxygen content. And it's  packed with features such as the powerful Real-time of nitrogen concentration, PID closed-loop adjusts nitrogen flow to achieve the stable PPM value and save nitrogen consumption to achieve closed-loop nitrogen controls.


The JT wave solder machine is built with a closed preheating component, giving it the capacity to consume less power and production of solder dross, making it very cost-effective.


Add this high-quality wave soldering machine to your wave soldering process and get excellent results for your wave soldering. To get more information about any of our products, contact us today.

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