How JT’s AOI Inspection is Changing Manufacturing

In today’s world of manufacturing where time is of the essence, precision and efficiency are the two topmost priorities for manufacturing companies. The industry demands solutions that not only meet these criteria but also surpass them. This is where JT’s AOI inspection technology comes into play, transforming the landscape of solder joint and component inspection in manufacturing processes.


In this article, let’s discuss JT’s  AOI inspection equipment in detail and see why we are the best in the manufacturing industry.  

aoi inspection


Solder Joint and Component AOI Inspection JUTI

JT’s JUTI-X is a cutting-edge system that boasts high cost-performance, driven by a 5 Mega-pixel high-speed camera. With a remarkable resolution of 10um (12um and 15um options available), it sets new standards in precision and clarity.


On the other hand, the JTA-JUTI-MX takes AOI inspection to the next level with its super speed and high-precision capabilities. It incorporates specialized detection logic for FPC, ensuring comprehensive inspection. What really sets it apart is its ability to facilitate seamless message communication between the front and rear of the oven, enabling real-time defect analysis.


Moving on, the JTA-JUTI-DX  AOI inspection boasts special detection logic and equipment compatibility for flawless inspections. Its super-speed, high-precision, and high-resolution capabilities ensure top-notch performance. Moreover, it excels in analyzing the defective process, offering SPC data analysis, centralized management for reduced manpower, and the convenience of multiple machines remote debugging, and program updates.

AOI Inspection JTA 518D

The AOI inspection JTA 518D introduces a double-table design that allows for Mutual Board Enter Testing without any interruptions. This innovative approach saves valuable time during the board-taking and putting process. It significantly enhances production efficiency, enabling the simultaneous inspection of two different PCBs and offering DIP process front and back simultaneous inspection.

Solder Joint and Component Inspection AOI JTA D100

Designed for PCBA inspection after insertion and before soldering, the AOI inspection JTA D100 excels in detecting missing parts, polarity issues, wrong parts, and foreign particles. Most importantly, it can conduct non-stop inspections without affecting production capacity. Its seamless integration into the production line makes installation easy, with optional conveyors tailored to customer production needs.

AOI Inspection AOI1200

For the LED industry, especially in backlight and long PCB applications, the AOI inspection AOI1200 offers a one-step inspection process that guarantees unparalleled accuracy. With a maximum PCB length of 1.2m, it is ideal for applications requiring precise solder paste inspection.

Solder Joint and Component Inspection AOI JTA-660B

The AOI inspection JTA-660B conducts inspections after soldering without the need to turn over PCBs, ensuring high-speed inspection that aligns perfectly with DIP production requirements. Its innovative intellectual self-repairing technology allows for seamless integration with soldering robots, reducing manpower requirements significantly.


In summary, JT’s AOI inspection technology is reshaping the manufacturing landscape, setting new standards for precision, efficiency, and adaptability. Their technological solutions cater to the evolving needs of the industry. Manufacturers worldwide can now rely on these cutting-edge technologies to optimize our operations and ensure the highest quality standards in their products.

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