The Ultimate Guide to JT’s Reflow Soldering Machines

reflow soldering machine


Are you on the hunt for dependable and efficient PCB reflow ovens designed to expertly solder electronic components onto printed circuit boards? Look no further than Shenzhen JT! When delving into the world of reflow soldering machines, Shenzhen JT emerges at the top of reliability and efficiency in soldering electronic components on PCBs.

In this article, we’ll explore the range of exceptional PCB reflow ovens that Shenzhen JT has to offer.


TRV Series Vacuum Assisted Reflow Soldering Machine

The TRV series sets the standard for reflow soldering machines with its innovative design. Featuring a 3-section conveyor comprising a heating zone, a vacuum unit, and a cooling zone, this series stands out with its independent temperature control zones. This allows precise temperature adjustments for each zone, ensuring precise soldering processes.

One of the key advantages of the TRV series is its ability to maintain accurate vacuum levels and an efficient flux collection system, reducing the issue of voids. This results in high production capability, with cycle times as low as 40 to 60 seconds.


JTR Series Lead-Free Hot Air Reflow Soldering Machine

The JTR series presents a multitude of advantages over other reflow soldering machines in Shenzhen JT’s lineup. Notably, this reflow soldering machine incorporates a multi-layer thermal insulation design, which reduces the body temperature by an impressive 10 to 20 degrees. This not only enhances flux collection but also creates a more favorable surrounding environment.


Another standout feature of the JTR series is its sealed oven design, which effectively minimizes nitrogen loss. With a minimal nitrogen consumption rate of 20-22 M/H and consistently maintained oxygen levels ranging from 300-800 ppm, this oven is both cost-effective and eco-friendly. Additionally, the dual rails conveyor system in the JTR series not only boosts production efficiency but also saves time, power, and costs.


TEA Series Lead-Free Hot Air Reflow Soldering Machine

The TEA reflow soldering machine series from Shenzhen JT introduces a dual rail conveyor system, increasing productivity while conserving resources. Furthermore, this rail conveyor system undergoes a hardening process to ensure enhanced reliability.


The patented design of the TEA series focuses on minimizing the chamber’s impact on the environmental temperature, resulting in a cooler surrounding environment. Additionally, the automatic flux collection system simplifies maintenance, making the TEA series exceptionally user-friendly.


RS Series Lead-Free Hot Air Reflow Soldering Machine

The RS reflow soldering machine series stands out with its innovative air management system, allowing flexible processing adjustments within the machine. This system not only saves energy but also reduces power consumption, making it a cost-effective choice.


Moreover, the RS series introduces a new cooling configuration that minimizes thermal loss. The reflow soldering machine’s body is modified with multi-layered chambers and thicker thermal insulation, ensuring optimal performance.


KT Series High-End Lead-Free Hot Air Reflow Soldering Machine

For those needing a powerful reflow soldering machine, the KT series from Shenzhen JT is the ultimate choice. Boasting high capacity and a productive conveyor system capable of reaching 160 cm/min, this reflow oven offers unparalleled performance.


The KT series incorporates innovative cooling technology with a double-side multi-cooling zone, different insulation methods, and chamber designs, enabling rapid cooling of temperatures. A standout feature is the two-level flux separation system, equipped with multipoint collection points. This design ensures low maintenance and energy-saving, setting it apart as a top-tier option.


reflow soldering machine



If you’re in the market for a reflow soldering machine, Shenzhen JT’s lineup is unparalleled. Their machines not only reduce power consumption but also demand minimal maintenance while enhancing the productivity of your soldering procedures.


Check out Shenzhen JT’s website and explore their wide range of reflow soldering machines!


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