Why is it necessary to use a solder paste inspection machine?

Before digging into its use, a good understanding of the solder paste inspection machine is essential. In most cases, the reason behind the malfunctioning of PCBs is improper solder paste printing. This exceptional machine measures paste deposits’ height, volume, and area of PCBs to detect errors such as bridges, missing, etc. it ensures the correct deposition of solder paste on boards. 

The core components of a solder paste inspection machine include a double inlet double 3D head, German cameras, telemetric optical lens, self-developed light source, 2D color image, Panasonic servo, Tawan screw guide rail, lingua industrial computer, and a body casting.


What gives the SPI system a whip hand?  

It is crucial to detect errors quickly so that they can be corrected without causing a significant brake. Solder paste inspection machines help you detect errors in solder paste applications, which allows you to catch faults early in the process. It reduces adjustment costs by giving you a timely warning of the damage before your PCB is populated. It saves you both:  time and money. It should be applied consistently. Measuring 3D aspects of solder paste on PCB allows you to make necessary changes to increase the efficiency of the PCB.


  • It automatically finds damages in your PCBs, thus improving their quality.
  • Single-headed solution for various inspections.
  • It gives the precise measurement of solder paste deposits.
  • It brings down rework costs to a great extent.
  • It increases operational accuracy.
  • It upgrades your profits by saving time and expenses.
  • It establishes a repeatable and verifiable standard.


JT’s SPI Equipment:

If you are considering manufacturing printed circuit boards (PCBs), JT solder paste inspection machines are the best. They offer everything you can ask for with incredible speed, high resolution, perfection, and ease of use. They achieve high accuracy using 2D and 3D inspection. JT’s SPI equipment is vital in manufacturing processes because they detect the exact amount of solder paste used. It allows you to immediately make a decision whether the process is correct or not.


solder paste inspection machine


What does the solder paste inspection machine do?

Solder paste inspection machine visually monitors the circuit boards and identifies defects. They use 3D imaging for targeting scratches, stains, and nodules. This method will detect if anything is going out of order. 3D imaging helps in scanning the surface area. The scanned images are then compared to the measurements for the specified board. This is an accurate process of detecting faults. 

Solder paste inspection machines use multi-reflection suppression sensors to identify and reject reflections caused by components and surfaces. It allows highly precise measurements. It helps in finding critical defects and measuring critical parameters. It is, without any doubt, an ideal technology for a massive range of applications. They ensure low costs by targeting faults at the solder printing stage of production. 



Shenzhen JT Automation Equipment CO., Ltd has been the best (SPI) equipment manufacturer since 1997. It has made various soldering equipment that is popular for their best combination of speed, resolution, and accuracy. JT SPI system offer an unstoppable combination of precision, speed, and industry-leading multi-reflections. It is the most reliable company that comes in the market with its innovative methods. For any further information, you can contact us today.


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