What do Vertical Curing ovens and wave Soldering Machines do?

There are various pieces of equipment we use for the maximization of our research potential. Two of this equipment are vertical curing ovens and soldering machines.


A vertical curing oven is a fully automatic online heating and curing equipment that use after dispensing and coating glue. It is fully automatic, less labor, small space, has high curing quality, and is more environmentally friendly and energy-saving. , widely used in 3C, home appliances, medical, semiconductor, aerospace, and military industries


Wave Soldering machines, The melted solder (tin-lead alloy) is sprayed into the solder wave crest required by the design through the electric pump so that the printed board with pre-installed components passes through the solder wave crest to realize the soldering between the component solder pins and the pads. Wave soldering machine process is still the main soldering method, it is widely used in supply, household, electronic products ect industries


soldering machine


The Best Wave Soldering Machine

JT Automation Equipment Co, Ltd has the best quality soldering machines on the market since 1997. A new generation of intelligent welding equipment called JT GXS series wave soldering was created based on an interconnected platform. It supports barcode functionality and automatically recognizes and retrieves product prescription documents. It satisfies the needs of mixed-flow production processes for products with different specifications and connects to the customer’s MES system via a barcode. The new, improved spray system platform is compatible with a variety of functions, including a selective spray function, an ultrasonic spray system, an optional flux closed-loop control management system, and built-in flux flow detection and can thus effectively meet the needs of quantitative process management and reduce production costs. To address the issue of significant temperature differences in product cross-sections, a novel large-channel independent convective hot air, fast-response, and penetrating IR preheating technology was made available. Incorporating a quick-release installation design for simple maintenance, optional intelligent management of tin furnace liquid level, electronic ruler for tin furnace welding height position memory, the GXS series wave soldering maintains the strong penetration of JT wave peak.


vertical curing ovens


The best Vertical Curing Oven

The Vertical curing Oven ensures high-cost performance. JT Series vertical curing ovens have a great number of features. They have very good thermal efficiency. They can be fully qualified for product heating and curing of different specifications. This ensures perfect curing quality. Consumers conserve labor costs with in-line automated production. The cycle times are also adjustable which makes JT vacuum reflow ovens suitable for any type of curing. They have reinforced thermal insulation structures. The surface temperature is about 10 degrees higher than room temperature to reduce the influence of the work environment. With six-zone settings, it is flexible for setting. With its vertical lifting structure, it saves space on the workplace floor. Optional nitrogen systems are also available. Some examples are the JTL-730 and JTL-740.


vertical curing ovens

The picture shows the interior of the vertical curing oven


Why JT Automation Equipment Co, Ltd has the best Vertical Curing Oven and Wave Soldering Machine

Shenzhen JT Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.’s Vertical curing ovens and Wave soldering machines are the most sought-after. Models such as the JTL-730 Vertical Curing Oven and the NXS-450 Full-Tunnel Entire Nitrogen Wave Soldering System are just some of JTL’s innovative equipment examples. Contact the professionals at JT for more information regarding Vertical Curing Ovens and Wave Soldering Machines that work best for you!


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