Details of Wave Soldering Equipment

Wave soldering equipment is used to solder the electronic components in a circuit board to the pads. It produces higher quality joints than a wave soldering oven or hot air station and can usually apply less heat to the board. That preserves the integrity of the printed circuit board and makes subsequent rework easier to perform.


Our wave soldering equipment (WSE) is developed based on traditional wave soldering equipment; it could significantly save production costs, very quick production time, and improve production efficiency.


wave soldering equipment


The Advantages of Using Our Wave Soldering Equipment 

The benefits of using our wave soldering equipment are significant. Here are some of them:


  1. Quicker

The main advantage of our wave soldering equipment is that it can work faster than other soldering machines.


  1. More Accurate

It has good control accuracy and stability, the temperature control system can ensure that each component is soldered in an accurate way and there will be no damage to the product during the process.


  1. Cost-Effective

Our wave soldering equipment has low energy consumption and high efficiency, which makes it possible to save a lot of electricity costs when operating.


  1. Safer

With more advanced technology and better materials, our wave soldering equipment has become safer than ever before. They are more stable and reliable than other types of machines which makes them perfect for industrial use.


Main Types of the Wave Soldering Equipment 

There are many different types of wave soldering equipment on the market, such as:


Preheating Wave Soldering Machine: This type of machine is used to preheat the board before wave soldering. The machine has a long service life, which means less downtime for maintenance. 


Internal reinforcement insulation plus an optional external protection device help to keep heat loss to a minimum. As a result, the machine is 20% more energy-efficient than traditional equipment. The lower body temperature provided by this machine means you get better work results and an improved working environment.


Nitrogen Wave Soldering Machine: The machine can control the nitrogen concentration in real time to save on the use of nitrogen by automatically adjusting the flow. The machine also protects the solder from oxidation, improving wetting and penetration rates, and helping to ensure quality and efficiency. By using tunnel-based wave soldering, the machine can achieve a reduction in defects and higher production efficiency with lower oxygen content.



Lead-Free Dual Wave Soldering Machine: This type of machine uses both nitrogen gas and air as a cooling medium, which has high thermal conductivity and high heat transfer efficiency. 

The machine has a modular design of a spray fluxer system and a nozzle that is always mounted perpendicular to the rail, allowing for easy flux penetration. Forced air cooling ensures cold-down as per lead-free requirements. The machine is suitable for soldering SMT and THT components. It has built-in alarms for light and sound, emergency stop, and overload protection.


The Lead-Free Wave Soldering Machine: The machine can be used to solder lead-free components. The transport chain assembly structure and support method let the chain move smoothly, and the transportation speed is more stable. The cooling system uses an upper and lower blowing structure design, which enables all parts to be cooled flexibly.


Final Words

When you are looking for efficient and high-quality wave soldering equipment or SMT & THT manufacturing equipment, SHENZHEN JT is your ideal supplier with the most competitive price, factory direct sale, and best service. 

We warmly welcome you to contact us for more detailed information.


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