All You Need to Know about AOI Test

In the present era, it is impossible to deny the significance of the AOI test as it is important for the manufacturing as well as quality control of a specific product simultaneously. AOI is an automated visual inspection that is primarily used to test for defects in printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs). AOI enables fast and accurate inspection of electronics assemblies and in particular, PCBs to ensure the quality of products leaving the production line is high, and the items are built correctly and without manufacturing faults.

You are exactly in the right place if you also wanted to know everything about the AOI test because this short article is going to guide you on various points.  


aoi test


The Best Equipment Manufacturers for AOI Test

While taking the best equipment manufacturers into account, JT can be among your right choices as they provide top-quality equipment for your visual inspection, an ideal and flawless AOI test offering the best prices in town. You find a huge collection of AOI equipment to be selected from with the inner satisfaction of buying the marvel on a budget cherishing a wide variety of solder join and component inspection AOI equipment here. The reduced manpower requirement is one of the most prominent features of the brand resulting in business efficiency and effectiveness.


Best Products for AOI Test:

Now you have a golden opportunity to boost your business with the following products for AOI test:


1) Solder Joint and Component Inspection AOI JUTI:

Solder Joint and Component Inspection AOI JUTI is a marvelous product having High-cost performance in line AOI and a 5 Mega-pixel high-speed camera and its resolution 10um(12um,15um is optional). It has a special detection logic for smartphones, equipment compatibility and message communication, has the ability to Analyze the defective process and multiple machines remote debugging and program updates and many more features which make the product a perfect tool for AOI test


2) Solder Joint and Component Inspection AOI JTA 518D:

AOI JTA 518D is a double-table, accurately designed for mutual board enter testing at “No Stop Situation”, saving the time of Board Taking. It has the ability to put high production efficiency by having two different PCB inspected at the same time, designed accurately to perform the AOI test. 


3) Solder Joint and Component Inspection AOI JTA D100:

In JTA D100, after insertion and before soldering PCBA inspection is used to detect missing parts, polarity, wrong parts, excessive parts or any foreign particle. It has the capability of non-stop inspection without any effect on production efficiency. Moreover, it has been designed in the production line and is very easy to install.


4) Solder Joint and Component Inspection AOI AOI1200:

Solder Joint and Component Inspection AOI AOI1200 is an innovation for the process of the AOI test. It has especially been embedded for LED industry backlight and long PCB solder paste inspection. It guarantees inspection accuracy. The length of PCB is max. 1.2m.


5) Solder Joint and Component Inspection AOI JTA-660B:

JTA-660B has the unique feature of being China’s first DIP process for online AOI tests. It offers a high-speed inspection and fully satisfied DIP production. Reduction of manpower lessens the economic burden. The most attractive feature of JTA-660B is its intellectual self-repairing technology that is easily connectable to the soldering robot.



We can a say that Shenzhen JT Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is undoubtedly an awesome platform for the purchase of the AOI test equipment because of its unique attributes. You find a wide variety of solder join and component inspection AOI equipment here which helps your business get exceedingly efficient and labor-saving. You can carry out the post-soldering inspection without turning over the PCB making your process much faster and systematic subsequently.

JT products have so unique and modern features that we can say confidently there is no substitute for JT to perform the AOI test.


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