JT’s Small Reflow Ovens: The Ultimate Solution for Soldering

Shenzhen JT is a leading reflow oven manufacturer in China. Being technological manufacturers, their production lineup includes SMT machines, THT machines, and other related electronic items for printed circuit boards (PCBs).


When it comes to reflow ovens, their products are reliable and efficient in soldering electronic components to printed circuit boards. With that said, let’s see what reflow ovens Shenzhen JT offers.


TRV Series Vacuum Assisted Reflow Oven

The TR series has a 3-section conveyor which consists of a heating zone, a vacuum unit, and a cooling zone. This series of reflow ovens have an independent temperature control zone where the temperature of each zone can be adjusted individually.


With accurate vacuum levels and an efficient flux collection system that solves the problem of voids, the TRV series ovens can support high production capability with 40 to 60 seconds of cycle time.


JTR Series Lead-Free Hot Air Reflow Oven

The JTR series has multiple significant options over other reflow ovens that JT offers. This reflow oven has a multi-layer thermal insulation design which keeps the body temperature down by 10 to 20 degrees. This allows the reflow oven to be more efficient through better flux collection and keeps the surrounding environment cooler as well.


Another perk of the JTR series is that the sealed oven design reduces nitrogen loss. Nitrogen consumption is only 20-22 M/H while the oxygen levels remain steady at 300-800 ppm. Moreover, the dual rails’ conveyor not only increases production efficiency but also saves power, time, and cost.


TEA Series Lead-Free Hot Air Reflow Oven

The TEA series also has a dual rail conveyor system which not only increases productivity but also saves money and energy. Furthermore, this rail conveyor system also has a hardening process which makes it more reliable.


With the body of the reflow oven, the patented design is optimized to reduce the impact of the chamber on the environmental temperature which causes the surroundings to be a lot cooler. In addition, the automatic flux collection system is easy to maintain which makes the TEA series easy to use.


RS Series Lead-Free Hot Air Reflow Oven

The RS series reflow oven’s main features include an air management system that allows you flexible processing adjustment in the oven. Moreover, this air management system also saves energy and lowers your power usage.


In addition, the RS series also features a new cooling configuration that reduces thermal loss and gets better flux reclamation. To achieve this feat, the body of the reflow oven is modified with chambers being multi-layered and having thicker thermal insulation.


KT Series High-End Lead-Free Hot Air Reflow Oven

The KT series is one of the most powerful reflow ovens JT offers. With a high capacity and productive conveyor which reaches 160 cm/min, this reflow oven also features a new cooling technology with a double-side multi-cooling zone and different insulation methods and chamber designs that ensure fast cooling temperatures.


Another main characteristic of this reflow oven is that the two-level flux separation system has multipoint collection points with N-volume controllable and O-density closed-loop controlled independently at every zone, making this oven low maintenance and energy-saving.


reflow oven


To Sum Up

So, if you are in the market for reflow ovens, do check out Shenzhen JT’s reflow ovens as all of their machines reduce power consumption and require less maintenance. In the meanwhile, they also increase the productivity of your soldering procedures.


Feel free to contact Shenzhen JT here!


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