A Detailed Guide to JT’s Lead-Free Wave Soldering Solutions

Shenzhen JT is a leading electronic technological manufacturer in China that specifically focuses on reflow ovens, THT machines, SMT machines, inspection equipment, insertion equipment, and so on. But they also produce lead-free wave soldering machines that promise low power consumption and better productive and efficient usage than other machines in the market.


Not only that but all machines emit less heat which provides a cooler temperature in your work environment to attain a cold-down slope as per the lead-free requirement. With that said, let’s look at JT’s lead-free wave soldering line of machines!

Smart Series of Lead-Free Wave Soldering Machine

The smart series lead-free wave soldering machine’s main selling points are the solder pot and preheating. Starting with the latter, the U-shaped heater in the machine is durable and serviceable for a long time and requires minimal maintenance. The insulation added inside reduces heat loss and saves energy and creates a lower temperature for the work environment.


lead-free wave soldering


About the soldering pot, the mesh grid with the anti-corrosion coating and quick-release nozzle not only reduces maintenance time but also reduces the influence of wave height caused by a drop in solder level. Moreover, the external spray fluxer is also easy to use and features a titanium alloy claw and sectional stainless steel guide rails.


Full-Tunnel Entire Nitrogen Wave Soldering System

This lead-free wave soldering machine has a closed-loop, real-time control over nitrogen concentrations. This saves excess nitrogen consumption and saves cost. Moreover, the control over the nitrogen concentrations also ensures good output quality of the soldering process through the wetting of wave infiltration and better solder penetration rates.


With control over nitrogen usage, this machine reduces solder defects and ensures productivity and stability. The latter also benefits from cooler work environments and the machine itself meaning it can run for longer periods per cycle with reduced power usage.


SE Series Lead-Free Dual Wave Soldering System

The SE series has many functionalities that make soldering effective and easy. Starting with the conveyor, the closed loop inverter control system keeps the conveyor speed stable and accurate. The conveyor angle is also manually adjustable which helps in better heat distribution.


The preheating process of the lead-free wave soldering is the same as other machines by Shenzhen JT. The air cooling system can be forced to attain the perfect temperature as per lead-free required.


The nozzle is manually adjustable as well to ensure proper and uniform coating on the circuit boards. In addition, the flux spray system and the nozzle design are perpendicular to the guide rail. The flux container is controlled through sensors to ensure a longer life and no corrosion.


US Series Lead-Free Wave Soldering System

The US series lead-free wave soldering machine features 3-stage preheating settings with combinations of hot air. This allows you to preheat according to the requirements which produce top-quality products. With controlled heating, this lead-free wave soldering machine also has an efficient cooling system with a controlled upper and lower blowing structure design.


The nozzle in this machine moves in both X and Y directions which ensures accurate positioning through the motor. The controlling mechanism is flexible and allows you to meet complex processes such as partial secondary spraying, partial continuous spraying, and so on. Moving on, the transport capacity of the guide rail in this machine is 60 Kg. This provides you with a more stable movement of soldering parts and the whole assembly lineup.


To Sum Up

So, if you are in the market for soldering machines that require less power, less maintenance, and are lead-free, do check out Shenzhen JT’s lead-free wave soldering machines to learn more about them!


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