An Introduction to the Solder paste inspection machine

A solder paste inspection machine (SPI Machine) is a special type of machine which is used for measuring the volume, height, and area of paste deposits in a PCB. This machine also finds defects on the PCB. The machine accurately measures the solder paste deposit to reduce the waste of the PCB inspection process. These machines are made with sophisticated automatic technology and work by the visual inspection method. First, the machine scans the PCB with different light sources and shoots the OK board as the inspection standard, then analyzes these images and compares them with the OK board, and makes the inspection PCB meet the standard by continuously modifying its parameters. There are different types of solder paste inspection machines and several manufacturers in the global market. Shenzhen JT Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. Is a prominent SPI manufacturer in the market. The company produces different types of soldering equipment along with the SPI machines.


The usage and importance of Solder paste Inspection machine


The solder paste inspection machine measures the proper volume of soldering paste on the printed circuit board during manufacturing. It reduces the waste of paste and cut the cost. This machine inspects the possible defect and problems of the solder paste application process on PCB. This inspection process helps the take proper adjustment process before selling those in the market and reduces the repairing cost. The machine not only measures the paste’s volume, but also the height and area of the solder paste. The machine can inspect and detect any kind of solder paste-related problem which are very difficult to find out and repair after production. Through the SPI machines, PCB manufacturers can reduce the waste of time and extra costs on a large scale. So, the manufacturing of PCB will be more efficient and profitable with the help of solder inspection machines in different aspects.


solder paste inspection machine


Features and Advantages of JT’s Solder paste inspection machine-


For manufacturing and designing high-quality PCBs, the importance of solder paste inspection machines is unavoidable. If you are also looking for the best quality SPI machines then JT is the right option for you. JT has different models of SPI machines. Such as solder paste inspection machines-SPI 1200, and 3D solder paste inspection SPI.  These machines are superior to others because of their quality and technology. If someone searching for innovative, durable, efficient, and performs high precision solder paste inspection,they should all  choose the JT SPI machines. some special features and advantages of JT are-


  • Accuracy
  • Automation
  • Smart
  • Durability
  • Efficiency
  • High performances


An overview of JT and Its other products-


Shenzhen JT Automation Equipment Co., Ltd is a prominent soldering equipment manufacturer in the domestic market. The company started its journey in 1997 and reformed as a joint stock company in 2004. The company is famous and reliable for its products, innovation, and services. Besides the solder paste inspection machine, it has different smart soldering equipment. Such as –


1 Electronic Soldering Equipment

-Selective Wave Soldering Machine

-Vertical Curing Oven

-Reflow soldering Oven

-Wave Soldering Machine

2 Visual Inspection Equipment

-AOI Vision Inspection Equipment

-SPI Vision Inspection Equipment

3 Automatic Insertion Machine

-Automatic Odd-form Component Inserter

-Automatic Radial Lead Component Inserter

-Automatic Axial Lead Component Inserter


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