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Frequently asked questions about visual inspection equipment          


Why the visual inspection equipment was widely used?


Follow the development of technology, the PCB components are smaller and smaller, and the pitch of components pins is getting denser. Relying solely on manual work cannot meet the demand, the vision inspection equipment came into being. Optical inspection machine is a high-speed and high-precision optical image inspection system, uses machine vision as the inspection standard technology.


Which functions the visual inspection equipment have in the SMT field?


Automatic inspection equipment in SMT field can be used for components inspection, soldering inspection, and special inspection items. When pcb go through automatic inspection equipment, the vision inspection equipment automatically scans the PCB through the camera, collects images, compares the tested solder joints with the qualified parameters in the database, and after image processing, checks out the defects on the PCB, and displays/labels the defects through the display or automatic signs out for repair by the maintenance crew.


What’s the advantages of JT vision inspection equipment?


JT automatic inspection equipment adapts multispectral high-speed programmable optical system which can collect multiple photos for each inspection vision and realize high detected probability and low false report by an effective detection. The feature vector algorithm was used by JT visual inspection equipment to achieve high precision and reduce the program adjustment time.  JT visual inspection equipment have powerful barcode recognition function, the automatic inspection equipment can compatibility across different barcode recognition. It has three point verification function which combination of the date from pre-flow and post-flow, the NG technical link can be located precisely. The vision inspection equipment have high precision support frame platform with closed loop servo drive and high precision ball screw which ensure the high precision and stability of the vision inspection equipment. JT optical inspection machine face on industry 4.0 intelligent system and support connection and interaction of shopfloor/MES, centralized management. JT optical inspection machine have a special comprehensive function includes many kinds of diagrams generation and output.


What’s the benefits will bring to you by JT optical inspection machine?


Based on the powerful of JT R&D capability, our automatic inspection equipment will help you greatly reduce the defects of products,save the cost and improve the production.



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