Wave Soldering Machine Price In China

Numerous circuit boards can be produced rapidly using the wave soldering technique. Each board is heated by passing it over a container of liquid solder. The solder is waved over the board by a compressor in the pan, fusing the parts to the board. The printed circuit board is then cooled, and the components are securely fastened by spraying water or breathing air over it. The wave soldering machine price varies for several reasons, starting from models to even due to different features.


Temperature control is crucial for successful wave welding. Mechanical tension on the board, due to insufficient temperature regulation, can cause fractures and decreases in conductivity. Cavities, caused by inadequate preheating, reduce the rigidity and transmission of the board. Inadequate solder temperature can lead to insufficient solder thickness, which in turn can increase the board’s susceptibility to stress. Below is a list of some products along with the wave soldering machine price.


wave soldering machine price


Various Wave Soldering Machine Price

Based on models, the wave soldering machine price differs; so here are some most common models that you may find useful:


1.Smart Series of Wave Soldering Machine

Its marvelous features are remarkable.

  • For example, U-shaped preheating heaters for heated air have a long lifespan and require less delay for repairs.
  • Energy costs can be cut by up to 20% when modern equipment is used in place of older models thanks to improve1 insulation and the addition of an exterior safety device. Reduced core temperature due to improved working conditions.
  • An external and self-contained spray control system guarantees cleanliness and security while being simple to run and maintain.
  • Modern heavy-duty titanium alloy transport hook; stainless steel guidance rail support strip; sectional rail design. The exterior of the solder container has been treated with an anti-corrosion coating.


2. Full-Tunnel Entire Nitrogen Wave Soldering System

Some stunning features of it are:

  • PID-controlled, real-time nitrogen concentration feedback loop for steady PPM value and reduced nitrogen usage.
  • To ensure the quality of the solder remains consistent, nitrogen shielding can be used to increase the saturation of the wave entry and the solder penetration rate.
  • Solder defects are minimized and manufacturing productivity is increased with the use of nitrogen wave soldering in a tunnel environment.
  • A confined preheating atmosphere uses less energy and produces less solder dross, resulting in cost savings.


3.SE Series Lead-Free Dual Wave Soldering System

Below are some features of it:

  • Maintaining consistent and accurate conveyor speed through a closed-loop inverter-based management system.
  • The PCB-safety-enhancing pressure-assist mechanism is located close to the door.
  • Nozzles and spray fluxes system modules should always be oriented vertically to the rail for optimal PCB flux penetration.
  • To prevent a decrease in flow to the PCB, the exhaust system uses a centrifugal fan equipped with two filters.
  • To prevent corrosion and extend the service life of the flux receptacle, non-contact sensors are used to regulate the amount of the flux.
  • A high-powered mechanical compressor of only 1/4 HP can’t handle a surge higher than 15 millimeters.



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