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Electronic soldering equipment technology  has gone through several stages such as manual soldering, dip soldering  machine, wave soldering machine, reflow soldering machine, selective  wave soldering machine, etc. JT is undoubtedly the most representative electronic soldering equipment manufacturer.



Let me introduce some of JT electronic soldering equipment for you.


Firstly, JT series wave soldering machine is a new generation of intelligent welding equipment developed based on the interconnected platform, supports barcode function, automatically identifies and retrieves product prescription documents, meets the requirements of mixed-flow production process of products of various specifications, and connects to customer MES system through barcode.


Secondly, JT NIS series selective electronic soldering equipment adopts modular design, which can meet high standards; high-precision soldering performance requirements. JT NIS series selective soldering machine consist of spray module, preheating module, soldering module. To use image programming, each parameter and process image is clear, providing optimal control for each individual welding process, which can be able to monitor the online soldering process and understand the process condition.


Thirdly, JT full-tunnel nitrogen wave soldering machine each functional of  spray system, preheating system, soldering system, cooling system  adopts a fully enclosed physical structure. Each functional system transport independently, more suitable for different products process requirements; Nitrogen is diffused throughout the whole production area to achieve the best inert and low-oxygen environment, and the oxygen content in the soldering area is as low as 500ppm or less. JT full-tunnel nitrogen electronic  soldering equipment  can realize that the welding temperature of the same product can be reduced by 8-15 degrees in a full nitrogen environment, which greatly improves the welding quality. The preheating zones can be flexible with hot air and IR preheating. Segmented transportation control, wave servo closed-loop control, Real-time MES monitors production status, making production management more scientific and intelligent


Fourthly, JT vacuum reflow oven is the milestone for the electronic soldering equipment in domestic. JT vacuum soldering machine can realize the mass production of vacuum soldering, equipped in-build vacuum module, the voids area can reach <1%。

Fifthly, JT vertical curing oven, it is a type of electronic soldering equipment that used for UV glue, epoxy glue, and other glue process.  This soldering machine have the below advantages, online auto production, low energy cost and higher productivity and save workplace.


More detail about the JT electronic soldering equipment, please feel free to leave any comments

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