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TRV series Vacuum Assisted Reflow Oven
TRV series Vacuum Assisted Reflow Oven

TRV Series Vacuum Assisted Reflow Oven

  • ● Independent temperature control zone, suitable for different temperature profile;
  • ● Solve the problem of bubble & void, <1% void area can be achieved;
  • ● High efficient vacuum pump unit equipped for fast down time;
  • ● 3- section conveyor : Heating zone ,vacuum unit and cooling zone , adjustable individually;
  • ● High production throughput, cycle time 40-60sec, average;
  • ● Equipped with high efficient flux collection system.
  • ● High efficiency、No voids、 Low maintenance cost: Equipped with vacuum unit to solve the problem of void, bubble, etc. Voids area can reach < 1% by the vacuum pressure 10-5mbar.
  • ● High accurate vacuum level and temperature profile: Temperature of each zone can be adjusted individually. Pressure under 10mbar still can meet TI≤90S, TP≤240°C. Infrared heating equipped in vacuum unit to meet high throughput settings.
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